Get total control of your Ads

AdsExplorer is a complex defense system against malvertising and Ad Verification solution that guarantees immediate ad control and audience safeguard.

  • Full Scale Advertisement Scanning
  • Immediate Alerts and Detailed Reporting
  • Ad Ops Performance Enhancement
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Our Focus

Explore Your Ads. Fast.

Our company is focused on providing instant Ad verification reports through our crawling technology that scans ad tags, sites and landing pages. Our partners can be confident that their users are protected from all possible ad quality threats whether they are served mobile or desktop ads.

Malware Detection

Best-In-Class Ad Verification

AdsExplorer aims to provide safe user experience and smooth ad delivery. Comprehensive capabilities of our solution understands our partner's unique challenges and issues that affect their online businesses daily. Thus, our Ad verification analysts constantly working on personalizing multi targeting features and utilizing in-house expertise for better report integrations.


Protect your users and your brand's reputation by stopping non-compliant ads that don't meet your policies.

Ad Platforms

Guard against inappropriate content, data leakage and operational issues before they impact publishers.
Get full control of your Ads
No credit card required