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Getting started

AdsExplorer is a complex defense system against malvertising and an Ad verification solution that provides fast reports based on the vast list of activity and violation tags.

AdsExplorer ad verification and website scanning tool is great for advertising networks, publishers and ad operations.

For Ad Platforms – guard against inappropriate content, malware ads and operational issues before they impact publishers.

For Ad operations teams – by allowing to take action in a short time when unauthorized ads are detected.

For Publishers – protects users and brand's reputation by stopping non-compliant ads that don't meet the policies.

AdsExplorer can provide you with deep reports that include not only malicious activities and "bad ads" but can pinpoint auto-sounds, actions, downloads and more. On top of that, individual triggers can be created and customised to your advertising needs. AdsExplorer will never miss a redirect or any activity whatsoever. Our ad verification solution can scan static tags and provide full in depth reports with all the findings across 150 countries and regions.

Ready to get check your website for malware with AdsExplorer?

Sign up at AdsExplorer is easy:

  • Go to
  • Enter your full name, email address and create a password.
  • Click REGISTER.
  • Check your email and confirm your registration.
  • Fill out the rest of the registration form in your Personal AdsExplorer account.
  • Start your FREE Trial!

Note that the email address you registered with can only be associated with one AdsExplorer account at a time.

User Guide

Please, contact our Support to guide you through the setting up process and show you how to launch your first scanning campaign.

A project is a group of campaigns with tasks that can be classified based on your company needs (created per manager or per larger ad campaign). To create a new project, go to Settings in your AdsExplorer account, click on Projects, then click on Add and give project a name. To create a campaign within a specific Project, just choose the one from the drop down menu in the right top corner.

A campaign is just comfortable way to create many tasks in the AdsExplorer platform. After you create a campaign, you could run it manually right away or schedule it for run for a specific time. You could also setup custom notification for each type of activity what we detect per each campaign.

To start an ad verification campaign at AdsExplorer you need to click on Campaigns in your personal account, then click Add button and then choose your scanning parameters:

Screenshot: Menu 'Campaign' -> Add

Or watch our step by step video!

A task (or a scan) is a unique IP check from a unique geo/useragent. A task can also be created within the campaign in our system as well as via API.

At AdsExplorer we check not only for malware or bad ads but we also detect a long list of activities (view full list here). We can create a custom activity based on your ad campaign needs. For example, a custom activity can be set to detect profanity words, or nude content, or a specific action that needs to be detected: click anywhere or click on banner.

The main idea behind the activity detection is customization and ability to categorize these activities and apply to the next AdsExplorer scans.

AdsExplorer monitors over 150 countries and regions. For your convenience we have created sets of Geo's by Tier 1, 2, 3 and 4. You may select one or all of them, as well as deselect certain country.

At AdsExplorer, we pay special attention to premium IP’s. They let you check ads as seen by a real user and get in depth reports of an ad and site verifications.

Residential IPs belong to home networks. For example, home laptop or desktop, connected to local ISP.

Carrier IPs belong to mobile networks. For example, mobile phone, connected to mobile ISP.

ISP IPs belong to the specific residential or carrier ISP.

AdsExplorer can detect the following activities. Note that you may request to create your own custom activity based on your ad campaign needs.

AdBlock Blacklist
– Page contains a domains blocked by AdBlockers.
– Page autoplays sound.
AvDomain (Malware by Antiviruses)
– Page is considered malicious by an antivirus program. Potential threat
– Page contains text or script, considered malicious by an antivirus program. Potential threat
Blacklisted Domain
– Page contains domain in a user set blacklist.
SSL certificate error
– Page contains an error with SSL certificate.
RKN blacklist
– Page contains a domain censored by Roskomnadzor.
– Page downloads a file without user interaction.
Download APK
– Page downloads Android .apk file.
– Page downloads Chrome or Firefox extension.
– Page is switching to fullscreen when opened.
GSB Domain (Google Safe Browsing)
– Page is considered malicious or phishing by Google Safe Browsing Potential threat
Invalid Url
- Page contains an unusual URL.
JavaScript Alert
– Page uses JavaScript alert dialog.
JavaScript Before Unload
– Page executes JavaScript code before unloading.
JavaScript Confirm
– Page uses JavaScript confirm dialog.
JavaScript Prompt
– Page uses JavaScript prompt dialog.
– Page contains an ad that pops up across the whole screen and can't be closed.
– Page mines cryptocurrency.
– Page is trying to redirect opener page or parent page (iframe banners) Potential threat
– Page contains a stopword from a user set list.
Store Redirect
– Page redirects to Google Play or AppStore.
Banner Redirect
– Page contains a banner which redirects to another page.
Suspicious URL
– Page contains URL that has a stopword from a specific list.
– Page contains URL for one click mobile subscriptions.
Push notification
– Page is trying to enable push notifications for user.
Fake push notification
– Page shows user fake push notifications.
Phone number
– Page is trying to initialize call to a phone number.
Push permission
– Page checks permissions for push notifications.
Numerous push notification
– Page tries more than once to subsribe user to push notifications.
– Page abuses device's vibration.
History State
– Page changes browser's history.
Adult Content
– Page contains adult materials.
VAST skip offset
– Reports skip offset of VAST tag.

At AdsExplorer, we provide a great opportunity to request a custom activity detection for your specific ad campaign needs. These activities, or triggers, can be added and then saved to your list. Please, make a request to create a custom activity from our Tech team by contacting us: /contact/.

It usually takes from 2 min up to 15 min based on the campaign settings.

Reports & Detections

You may find a preview of your report in your email when the scan is completed. You may subscribe to notifications or a detailed report in your AdsExplorer personal account under the Tasks tab. You will see detected activities for Geo's based on your selected triggers. You may also get notifications to your Slack account. View integration instructions here.

Go to Settings in your AdsExplorer account and select Slack Notification Channels, click on Add, this will redirect you to Slack website where you need to login and choose a channel or a user to receive the notifications to. You might have to create a new channel in your Slack account prior to choosing one from the list. Then click Authorise. Done!

You may find all the details about API integration in our documentation here.

Yes, you can create your own list of labels here. You may send these labels via API, search in your report at ease.

At AdsExplorer we pay close attention to providing our clients with full detailed report including any activity that was detected, even if no malware was found. All redirect paths and screenshots are provided in the report. You may create and add new activity in the report (or future reports) if you noticed inappropriate content (ex.: bad words, request tp domains or JS scripts). After the check is complete you could search and filter reports.

AdsExplorer detects separate triggers for each type of action. A trigger could be a Sound, Stop Words, Js Alert and etc., as well as malware. The following are examples of the malware actions that Adsexplorer detects: AVDomain action (domain marked as malware with popular antiviruses), or download and DownloadApk action (90% of it is adware in best case) and so on. These activities will be displayed in the report in the Triggers section (view full list of activities here). So keep in mind, that we can create an activity based on your campaign needs and add it to the main list.

Yes you may definitely share your report. You may find a Copy public link in the Tasks tab, which will copy the link with limited report.

You select network/device options and provide us with a valid VAST URL. We feed it into a VAST player, and process result and events. URLs to VPAID script are supported too and will be processed by the player.


AdsExplorer does not disclose any clients personal data or campaign data. Please view our Privacy Policy for details.